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For lessons between 24th September - 4th October 2017.

School resumes as normal on Thursday 5th October. 

Please scroll down to find the right session for you...

There are 2 sessions this week.

1 - Beginners - ALL AGES

2 - Everyone else - ALL AGES

Both lessons are interesting and worth looking at if you feel inclined...

Beginners - all ages

Watch the Strumming lesson and use some of the patterns or ideas in the lesson over a chord progression you’ve created using the following choices of chords:

G - Am - Em - D - C - Bm7 -- play the chords you know - don't worry about new chords. Play them in ANY ORDER!

What Key is this?

Maybe try moving the chords up the guitar with a capo? Does this change the ‘feel’ of the chords?

Have fun and see you soon,


All Other Ability Levels - all ages

Download the song chart for Hallelujah here. 

I have added two version of the song below - both are stunning versions - Leonard Cohen is the original artist and song's composer but Jeff Buckley's version is favoured by many...


Can you play the chords in the open position as well as the Capo’d chords at the 5th fret - in Red on the chart?


You have 3 assignments for this song:

  1. Use the chord charts and find/create a strum or picking pattern you feel works well over the song.
  2. Can you find a third (capo’d) place on the guitar to play the chords? This is an optional assignment if you’re feeling brave!
  3. Work out the vocal melody on the guitar. This may well be challenging but do what you can for now. We will look more at this in the lesson as well as how to identify the scale position and how to harmonise the melody too. Listen to the finer nuances in the vocals and ask yourself how you could recreate these on the guitar?!

Enjoy and see you soon,




Non School Days 


Lessons appear here which land on days when the school may be closed.

Bank Holidays, Public Holidays, Teacher on Tour, Etc...



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